Our unrivalled range of LED drivers can help you to power your long-life LED strip lighting projects with minimal maintenance. Shop our quality selection of LED drivers and benefit from energy-efficient illumination in your home and garden. We are exclusive stockists of the complete Tagra® LED lighting range. These professional units are renowned for delivering an unbeatable performance with excellent customer feedback.

Our premium Tagra® drivers offer a 5-year warranty, meaning you can rest assured that these exceptional units are built to the highest standards. For further inspiration across all home and garden lighting upgrades, check out our low-power LED light bulbs, neon flex, and outdoor LED lighting – make the switch to LED technology today for the equivalent performance in output with a lowered total cost of ownership.

Why You Need LED Drivers

Before you install LED strip lights, you need to think about investing in high-quality LED drivers. Drivers are devices that regulate the power sent to your strip lights, transforming AC mains voltage to the required power level. Whether you are looking to accentuate darkened recessed areas around the home or create stunning outdoor strip lighting effects, LED drivers are an important part of your set up that should not be overlooked.

Depending on the lighting units you wish to incorporate into your lighting project, different power supplies may be required. Browse LED driver 12V and 24V options, and take advantage of dimmable units to help you achieve the ambient look and feel you desire.

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